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The Pole Vault Iridescence Series [PA December Indoor Track]

Hello everyone!! Happy Wednesday! My website and blog are back up and running and I'm so excited because I have so much new photography to share. This is a series of photos I've been hyped to post because they helped me to challenge myself with my editing style and trying thinking outside the box in post-production. My brother Reu had an indoor track meet in December that I was so excited to go to both to cheer him on and take photos of the athletes. Pole Vault is such a dramatic and almost theatrical event, so capturing the floating elegance of the pole vaulters was both a challenge and so so cool. A lot of the photos felt to me like they'd be funky album covers for some music artists I like, so I tried playing around with editing and composition. Whose music do you think these could be an album cover for? Check them all out and enjoy!

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