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The Yellow Garage Photoshoot

MH & RE for Rolling Stone (maybe someday.)

My first creative shoot in Savannah! This photoshoot was genuinely such a cool and insane experience. During the past four weeks in Savannah I've been able to become friends with so many amazingly cool people, my favorite of which are definitely the other freshmen on the SCAD cross country team. It's been really cool to see how we've all become friends while living together before and once classes started.

Last week I randomly came up with a creative vision for a photoshoot, inspired by music that I've been enjoying lately. I wanted to create a Beastie Boys/Tribe Called Quest/any 90s rap or hip hop that I've been loving late-inspired atmosphere and see what photos could come from it! I enlisted some of my friends to model and be my crew and we had an absolute blast. It's so so cool already to have friends who are so interested in art and so down to make a wacky idea like this come to life. With some coordination and planning, we got to a crew together and made it happen.

Overall, I'm super excited about the results and excited by how this whole experience of shooting went. It was super cool have a creative vision like this in a new location and make it come together so cohesively. I'm very pleased with the results from a technical photography stand point as I feel it has a fairly cohesive look, but also it really communicates the vibe and experience that I was going for! I'm so thankful to my friends for dressing up and doing funky stuff while I take pictures of them in an abandoned garage! We all had a blast making this art and I hope you enjoying seeing the results!!

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