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This Moment in Time: Starting 12th Grade

More pictures from my senior photos in Beaufort, SC. 🌴💕

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a wonderful fall week. Fall is truly my favorite season and every year around this time I'm reminded why. Fall has always held a special place in my heart because of everything that it means is coming: cross country season, mine and my brothers' birthdays, beautiful weather, and the exciting beginning of the school year. This year's 12th grade fall has felt different though, as I'm recognizing almost everyday that I won't be in this exact place at this time next year. In fact, I don't really know where I'll be on this day next year, and goodness does that inspire excitement and anxiety every time I think about it.

Life has been crazy busy lately (surprise, LOL), and while creating videos and blog posts are truly some of my favorite things to do, unfortunately I haven't had as much time for them lately as I would like to between school, running, college applications and other creative pursuits. I want to write this blog post as a little life update and journal of where I'm at in this fall of senior year!

A verse I've been trying to focus on lately is 1 Peter 5:6-7, which says:

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

This is a verse I've mentioned before as it's one of my favorites, and it has truly never felt more relevant than right now in my life. The anxiety that can be product of college applications feels ever looming, and though I know that God has a fulfilling plan in store for me, it's just so hard to not know what that plan is quite yet. I catch myself trying to control everything about my future, but simply putting it all in God's hands is both humbling and empowering. Thinking about the next year of my life and literally having no idea what physical location on a map I'll be at next year feels both exciting and overwhelming, so dealing with those emotions is quite the journey currently. I truly have faith in God's plan and timing, but it's been tough to not force so many things in my life right now. It feels like there's so much to balance and yet so much unknown, which means that all I can do is control what's in my control. But ultimately, it's all in God's hands! I'm placing in front of Him my hopes, dreams, and intentions and trusting Him with the outcome. It's a crazy ride, but I feel safe with putting my bets on God.

Lately I've been finding how precious simple moments are. I know that I won't live this exact moment in my life ever again - in my last year of high school, living at home with my family (aka my true best friends), eating meals with them everyday, spending long days at school surrounded by kindred spirits - I'll never have this moment again. I'm taking it all in and taking lots of pictures and videos, and trying to not seem too sentimental since it's still the first month of school, lol. It's a wild ride and I'm so incredibly thankful and blessed in all of it.

More life updates will come as I have time to post and create these expressions of my life at this time. I still loooove my senior pictures (thanks Mom & Dad!) so I'll be posting more of them as well as photography/blogging content in the upcoming weeks. Have a wonderful week!! ❤️💫

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