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Truths of School Sock Exchanges & Christmas Eve

Welcome to my first ever true flat lay post! (that's just what a photographer (wanna-be in this case) calls this type of picture)

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve! I can't wait for Christmas to come and in anticipation of that happening tomorrow, I wanted to share a story from school that has a little tag of advice tied on too.

The Christmas similies, I know.

During the telling of this story just know that I'm not trying to brag, it's that things always backfire for me (Manfred Luck, ya know) and so this story sorta shows that I'm not cursed. (I think)

Anyway, on Thursday last week my school had a half day (which was only until 10:30 so really a 1/3 day but that's beside the point) and we had planned for each grade to do a sock exchange where every person fills socks or a bag with candy and treats (primarily a pair of socks but you know me, mine had gel pens and lip gloss involved) and then you pass them around a circle while the teacher reads a story frequently involving the words "left" and "right". At the end of story whoever's socks you had were the ones you kept.

Oh yeah, and we're in middle school so obviously we had to have two circles, one of girls and one of boys, because who could ever expect us to be civil around the other gender, no??

Such a classic middle school Christmas party experience.

But let's go back a few days here. Previously the girls were obviously planning who they wanted their socks to go to and buying specifically for that person because again, we must have that disappointment as the bag is passed right out of that person's hands. I bought some stuff that I thought any self respecting 8th grade girl would want (hopefully), such as lip gloss, nail polish, gel pens, a doodle book... oh yeah and the candy, and thought kindly that I would hopefully make some girl's day. (and also deep down knowing that it would be passed right past any of those people and practically onto the elf-on-the-shelf in Mr. E.'s back corner before long with my luck)

Previously I also had taken inventory of bags that I would love to have and such, specifically a girl's that claimed to have gift cards in it. (again, deep down knowing that I would get the plain black socks with a single Hershey's kiss in one of the toes) Also, I, the kind soul that I am (just play along with me here) made a gift for my best friend that I gave to her on that morning during homeroom, and for the sake of the story let's name her Sheila.

Okay, so fast forward and the teacher starts reading the story. We pass right, left, left, right, etc. and then we're told it's over. I look into my bag to find a heck of a lot of Hershey's Kisses and Kit Kats (!!!) and, drum roll please..... a Sheetz gift card!

Ah, but guess who got my sock bag. Sheila. The one girl in grade who I actually gave something, of course gets my bag of goodness.

So here's a lesson in sock exchanges kids...

* Expect the hole-in-the-toe ones and be elated when you get the fuzzy ones. *

Merry almost - Christmas!

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