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Tytoona Cave Adventure ft. Spelunking with my Mom

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! Today I'm so excited to share an adventure story from a little one-hour-adventure I had the pleasure of doing with my lovely mom a few weeks ago.

Throughout the month of August I had been working a lot as a lifeguard and when I wasn't working I was probably working on college application prep work, so one afternoon my mom suggested that we do something fun, just the two of us. She said the activity was up to me and she suggested thrifting or swimming, but that was not quite what I had in mind. Oh no, as fun as some clothes shopping is, I had a slightly more adventurous idea strike me... spelunking. Well, I didn't think of the idea as "spelunking" so much as just exploring a trail and cave that I had seen pictures of online, but it turned out to be pretty much full blown spelunking. There's a cave called Tytoona Cave about 30 minutes from our house that I had seen photos of online and had been wanting to check out all summer, and I saw the perfect opportunity with my mom, lol. She was skeptical at first, but I got her on board so we got some old shoes and headlamps and headed out for an adventure.

Boy, was it an adventure. I loved it, especially because I got to play National Geographic photographer for the day and take lots of funky nature/cave photos, but my mom was slightly less thrilled. Once she decided to do it, she was totally on board but she did say that I was the only person she would do such a thing for, lol. The cave sure was dark as we ventured about 100 meters in, and once it got tricky and twisty, all light was truly gone. We were definitely safe since we read some articles on it beforehand and made sure we knew when to stop and how to walk safely, but it was still trippy! It ended up being a truly crazy experience that I definitely want to do again, but I'd only recommend it during warm/dry months because we got lucky going on a day when it was bright and hadn't rained in a while.

We both definitely made a lifelong memory together and I'm truly so glad I can spend this special time with my mom/BFF! Enjoy the photographic experience in some fun pictures below. I love you Mom!!! (and thanks for agreeing to this crazy idea with me ;))

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