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Visiting Duke University & North Carolina Vlog // Episode 153

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend. This weekend I'm sharing a new (and ANOTHER) travel vlog from my North Carolina trip!! You may have seen in my past few videos that recently I traveled to New York City to visit my BFF Anna, and after almost a week staying there, we flew together to stay with her grandmother who lives in North Carolina for a week. It was so nice to stay there and experience her grandmother's area, so I vlogged a fun day we had there! On the day I vlogged, Anna and I ran at a local trail in the morning and then we got a reservation to visit Duke University and walk around the campus chapel. The campus was so beautiful - even in the pouring rain - and definitely gave me Hogwarts vibes, haha. That afternoon we swam some laps at the neighborhood pool before a relaxing night at home. It was such a fun, chill day, and I so thankful to be able to take that trip with Anna! Be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!!

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