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What Do You See in the Church Window? // Episode 119

These pictures are some bathroom mirror self portraits! Of course, haha!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're having a great day!! This week's video is a very special one all about a message that I feel God has put on my heart lately.

At my youth group's last meeting, we had Eucharistic Adoration, which is a great time to reflect on God and Scripture. In the church we were at, there was a huge cross painted on the wall above the altar with a large circle glass window above it (pictured below). My family has gone to this church a lot before, and it's really cool to look through this window at different times of day and see the variation of clouds, birds, and light pouring through. It was dark during Adoration, so you could only see darkness. This made me think - each of us see something totally through the window. Some see an endless expanse of sky, some see God's creation through birds and trees, some see darkness, and some don't even notice the window.

It's perfect that that window is placed right at the center of the cross, just like Jesus's heart. His heart was placed in the middle of that cross. I love how we each see different things in the heart of Jesus, I think it's so interesting! But sometimes we might see the wrong thing. Some might look through the window expecting to see darkness, so they see it. Some might look through and just see a reflection, perhaps of themselves, putting themselves in God's place (oooooh schnap...). Some might see the endless possibilities that are available when we give ourselves completely to that heart.

This message is rather short, but I think everyone relates to it differently. What do you see in the church window? What do you see in the heart of Jesus? I hope you don't have expectations and look for those expectations in the window, because God doesn't give expectations. He gives what you NEED. I hope you see the sky, AKA the expanse of God's love for you that never ends. I hope you see the new morning sky, AKA God's new mercy and grace that is available every single new morning. I hope you see the birds passing by, showing us the little signs of God's goodness and humor.

What do you see?


Be sure to check out the video for more explanation and enjoy!!

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