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What Happens When You Put Middle Schoolers on a Coach Bus // Episode 41

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hey everyone! As you may have read from last week's blog post/video I just posted my second video from our 8th grade trip to Kennywood! This week's video was about the bus rides to and from the park which was 2 hours each way, so as you can guess there was a lot of interesting activities that went on on those rides. Also, whoever thought that middle schoolers could be trusted on a coach bus obviously hadn't studied us too closely. The bus had a tiny bathroom in the back, which made for some interesting situations. (nervous chuckle) Luckily, I was told, there was FeBreeze. We surprised each other by actually not causing any permanent damage to the bus! (and the scientists said it couldn't be done, ha)

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy!

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