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Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas // Episode 82

(a picture in the Carnegie Art Museum from December)

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! This week's video is about some winter to spring outfit ideas, because we're now in this weird phase where it's not necessarily warm but it's also not cold, and it's so hard to get the right kind of outfit. I showed you 3 different outfits that can obviously be tweaked however you want, but I think they're good to layer in different ways. Something that you'll probably see show up quite a few times throughout the video is layering and having something short on the top and long on the bottom or vise versa. An example of that is capris or skirts and a long sleeve or something of that nature. Vests and decorative scarves are also great pieces to work into outfits for that extra warmth!

Be sure to check it out and enjoy!!

(there's another outfit from in the video that I forgot to get a picture of...)

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