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Wishing for Cuba

Hi everyone! How's your weekend (finally!) going? Today my family went to Phipp's Conservatory in Pittsburgh and we had an awesome time! There were a lot of different rooms with different styles of plants and habitats. This pic was in the Cuba Room which, aside from the Butterfly Room, was definitely my favorite. The only problem was that we were having a hard time enjoying everything because we were drenched in sweat. I know that might sound pretty extreme but let me put it this way - we went outside when it was 90 degrees and thought it was cool! That should put it into perspective.

Another new experience I had today was seeing how incredibly large goldfish can be. It was truly mind blowing to see a goldfish the size of your arm.

One new update I have to report for the day is that I just installed the Wix Chat app on here. I know that might not sound to exciting, but it actually is useful. This is the little gray rectangle at the bottom right of the page (desktop) of your screen. If you click on it and type a message to me I'll immediately get it and will be able to respond! I feel like this will be better than the comments box because the comments can get filled up quickly and this is more like a text conversation. However, still feel free to comment whatever you like! What did you do today? ;)

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