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A Day in the Life Living in Brooklyn, NY (& track workout) // Episode 152

📍Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! I hope you're having an enjoyable holiday with some fun people! Speaking of fun - this week's video is a very fun vlog of a day in my life living in Brooklyn, New York from a few weeks ago to visit my bff Anna. This is the second vlog from that trip to NYC, and while this one is more relaxed than the last, it was still so cool to "live" there for a little while.

On the day that I vlogged, Anna and I did a track workout in the evening in Williamsburg, but that morning we went for a walk around Park Slope and the surrounding area, as we ended up doing many times on the trip. After our morning walk we both got muffins from a cute coffee shop in her neighborhood, and I definitely recommend the lemon poppy muffin from Connecticut Muffin in Park Slope. 😉For the rest of the day we both just chilled and did work on school and personal stuff, with a brief intermission at lunch to watch the movie 'Mirror Mirror', until we went to do the track workout around 8pm. The track workout actually went very well, and it was so fun to experience (yet again) how busy and crowded the track was on a weekday evening! I don't think there was an activity that could not be done either on the track or in the surrounding areas... or at least it seemed that way...(breakdancing?! yoga! dog walking! etc!). Overall it was a fun, chill day, so I hope you enjoy the video!!

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