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A Love Letter to Freshman Year of College at SCAD // Episode 193

Hello everyone!! This spring, as the end of my freshman year of college approached I was processing the way my world changed this year and the wild ride that it's been. I've always felt a deep need to express my life experiences and perspective through creative projects, which has taken many forms over the years, one of my favorite being creating YouTube videos. While I've been making less videos over the past two years and focusing more on photography, I still find fulfillment and joy in making my video visions come to life, so I decided to delve back into the video sphere to commemorate freshman year.

During my last week in Savannah I filmed my personal love letter to my first year at SCAD, and it became such a special project to work on. I'm so happy with the result and excited to share it with you!! Check out this meaningful video journal on YouTube and enjoy.

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