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A Summer Night in New York City & Natural History Museum Vlog // Episode 151

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely summer evening! This week's video is the first of two vlogs from my recent trip to visit my best friend Anna in New York City, and then our trip together to North Carolina to visit her grandmother. In the vlog we explore Manhattan on my first night in the city, and a few days later we ride the subway (my first time!) to spend a day at the American Museum of Natural History. On the first night we also visited the DUMBO waterfront, which is a beautiful waterfront walkway in Brooklyn, which definitely ended up being my favorite view of the trip. Seeing the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge completely lit up during sunset was stunning, and the picture you'll see above is a famous view of the Manhattan Bridge from right inside of Brooklyn. I will be sharing tons more pictures from New York in upcoming blog posts, but be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!!


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