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A Weekend Afternoon at Boarding School Vlog! (movie night & photoshoot) // Episode 134

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend!! This week's video is a very fun vlog of a Saturday afternoon I spent at my school recently, when a club I was in hosted a movie night. We watched the movie 'Enola Holmes', which was amazing!! Earlier that afternoon my friend Clara and I did a photoshoot in some fancy locations at the school, so that was cool to document.

Above you'll see a photo that Anna and I took after the movie in the "living room" of our school, which we recreated from an almost identical photo from last school year. Last year our grade had a similar movie night to watch The Hunger Games, and afterwards we took that photo, which turned out to be about a week before all of the nationwide lockdowns started. Both photos had such fun and layered stories behind them, so we want to continue this tradition through our senior year.

I hope you enjoy the vlog!!

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