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April '24 Photo Journal

Happy May!!! April was a challenging and jam packed month with so many fun and interesting moments. We began the last quarter of freshman year, finished up the track season in Miami and experienced the start of summer weather in Savannah. Some highlights were:

  • This month I also had the joy of going home for a weekend in the middle of the month to visit my family for the first time in 14 weeks! This was a new record for me and very relieving to be with family for a few days.

  • Spring in Savannah has been so rainy and I've had the challenge of transporting 3D design class cardboard projects to and from class in the rain, lol. Very tough.

  • I did some of the hardest workouts of my life on the Calvary Day track with my speedy teammates! The running training has been tough but rewarding and exciting.

  • I learned to embrace the #MiamiMindset on our team trip to Miami, FL for outdoor track conference! It was a very fun trip, while also being physically exhausting and I was pleased to come away with two silver medals in the 5k and 10k.

  • My position as Features Editor at SCAD District has been very fruitful and I've continued to write articles and create visuals for my school's newspaper.

There were so many beautiful moments but May, I have a feeling you'll be a big one!! Stay tuned and have a great day. 🫶

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