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Bake With Us! ft. MCV // Episode 54

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having an amazing day! A little while ago one of my best friends, Maddie, came over and we made cookies! And you know me, I vlogged it. ;) It's actually a quite funny video, and it really shows our baking experience. I, as you may know, am a terrible baker and nearly always manage to forget an ingredient or screw up in some way, but Maddie is actually very good! Part way through the bake however, I realized that we (well *I* because I had been reading the directions) forgot to put in eggs. (silent eye roll and forehead slap) No worries though, it was an easy mistake to solve and it all worked out. :) However, when scooping the cookie dough onto the pan I was using my own handful as a measuring unit and later (when it was too late) found that a handful was FAR too much per cookie. It turns out we really made monster cookies but they tasted just as good! 🍪😝

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy! And I'm sorry if it makes you hungry. :)

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