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Best Photo Places (Basic Edition)

(I just named this an edition because we all know I'll probably come up with 10 more great ones 30 seconds after publishing this post, right?)

Hey guys! Today I decided to give y'all a special treat of one extra blog post this week! (I know, no need to thank me) Something that I'm always struggling to think of is where to take good pictures for blog posts or videos. No joke, I'll get into bed intending to fall asleep and just become filled with blog/picture ideas, and then when it's actually time to do them I legit brain fart my way through the process. Can anyone else relate?

To help all of those struggling like myself I've decided to make a list of all of the best places to take pictures, whether you happen to be there and take pictures on a whim, or you're doing an actual photo shoot and need pretty places to go, I got you.


I know it might seem pretty obvious, but yes, the beach can never go wrong. It can be just a cliff one with no actual sand, or a long Florida coast with palm trees for miles, any type of beach works.

2) GREENHOUSE/NURSERY (the plant kind, not babies)

Another photo place that can never go wrong is a greenhouse. This will probably just sounds like something only a photographer guru would say, (because it is and I am) but with all of that natural light streaming in and such colorful flowers and plants it's very hard to mess up a greenhouse photo shoot.


Okay, this might sound pretty basic but this is the "Basic Edition". Yes, front doors can be amazing for pictures, especially around a holiday when you have wreaths, lights, plants, etc. It's even better if you have steps leading to your door to sit on for a very styled shot.


One of my favorite Christmas time pictures places is a fireplace, mainly because they always make you feel cozy and comfortable, which can be a very lacking feeling in pictures. Bonus points if it's a real fire!


Woods are a pretty obvious one, seeing as in every season there're completely different. In fall you can get a nice colorful picture with leaves flying everywhere, winter with snow, (well no duh), and in spring with everything blooming.


Windows might also sound pretty obvious, but trust me, they have some of the best lighting you can get. A lot of times, if you have a thin curtain to pull across, you can practically create a light box for a nice backdrop.


It might sound pretty boring but really a brick wall can be a really open-ended background. Whether it be an old rock wall with broken pieces and edges, or a brick wall covered in graffiti, it works! Street signs and parking arrows can actually be really interesting subjects.

I hope you guys enjoyed and found this extra post helpful! I plan to hopefully do an extra one like this for every season or holiday, I think that could be pretty fun. Thanks for reading and see you in the comments! :)

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