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Big News... YEA!

below: one of my favorites from a new book I got for my birthday

To start off, no, YEA! isn't as in "yeah" but as in "Young Entrepreneurs Academy". (Did I actually just spell 'Entrepreneurs' right on the first try?! Yes people, these are my life accomplishments.) I have big news! As you have probably guessed from that first sentence, I've been keeping a secret from you. (the crowd gasps) This summer I applied, got interviewed, and accepted into the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Blair County. And if you, like most, are saying 'what the what is this thing', it's a 25 week class that you have with other middle/high school students from the county who are all entrepreneurs wishing to start a business. The course is every Tuesday with alternating times, and you learn about marketing, owning/operating a business, and everything you need to know about having a business.

So as you have probably guessed from my little fun fact session above, I'm in it!

But the full story is that while we were on vacation my mom told me that she had gotten an email from my principal about YEA and she thought that I would be interested in it. My parents explained it to me and I was intrigued but a little put off about missing school. I decided to be interviewed, and believe it or not, I got accepted in! The classes just started mid- October so I thought I'd tell y'all so I could update you and share some fun stuff I learn.

Also, in English class the other day we had to share something that we would be happy to forget if we ever woke up and didn't remember anything about ourselves. (I know it sounds like a weird question but it's based on a book we're reading right now.) I wouldn't really want to forget anything, good or bad, because I believe that it's all of our experiences that shape who we are... except for one thing.


So I said that the one thing I would be happy to forget would be an experience that I had at one of our first YEA classes.

Again, sigh.

We were on a field trip and getting lunch. It was a serve yourself kind of buffet, and there was a steamer thingy of macaroni. It was actually really good, and it was the kind with a crust. Now, there was another classmate of mine ahead of me. (I'll just pretend her name was... say, Sasha) I was trying (desperately) to make small talk, so I made the joke that I've only ever seen old ladies make mac & cheese with the crust on top. Sasha replied very calmly that her mother made that kind of mac & cheese.

(I know, I know, slap the forehead moment.)

So, since that happened at YEA I figured I'd share that moment so that we can all take a moment to think before we speak, especially about macaroni.

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