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Bread of Angels // Episode 139

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you're having a great Easter day! I am excited to share that, as you may have seen building up in my most recent video, I got Confirmed at my church last night. 🎉 It was such a beautiful time and I was blessed to be surrounded by such supporting friends and family.

This lady here though - Mrs. Forr - what a sponsor. I knew from the very start of my Confirmation process that I wanted Mrs. Forr to be my sponsor for many reasons. Her selflessness, faith, devotion, and above all LOVE have inspired me for as long as I have known her (in kindergarten from our church Rosary group) and will continue forever. I am so blessed to have taken the name Ruth and I intend to continue along such a path as which God leads me.

I also had the special opportunity to sing a solo I had been working on at school, called 'Bread of Angels', and thankfully my dad filmed it. I just posted my cover of the song, and it's one of my favorite Easter songs, so I hope you check it out and enjoy!! 💐💕

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