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BTS Thoughts

(BTS- back to school)

Hey everyone! Welcome back! I don't know about you, but my school is starting in a little less than a week, and I'm getting a bit paranoid. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like everything that I just spent the last 9 months learning is utterly gone. I'll be handed the Algebra 1 textbook and I'll probably just ask, "Umm, what do I do with this, eat it?".

(If I start posting during the hours of the school day, you'll know something bad's happened.)

Anyhoo, let me give you a few thoughts of mine about the back to school mood.

I'm pretty excited about a few things that will happen once school starts. Mostly minor things.

For example, I'm pretty psyched to start using my new planner, which you'll be getting a visual of pretty soon. (One word: cacti) I'm also really excited about my new school shoes, because, as you probably know, I have to wear a uniform to school. But most importantly I am excited about the new feature on my YouTube channel that is starting this Sunday! Stay tuned for more! ;)

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