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Crazy Weekend in Cape Cod Vlog! // Episode 68

Hello everybody! I hope you're having a fantastic day! Last weekend was the absolute BEST so of course - I vlogged it! My family and I spent the weekend in Cape Cod, MA, which we also did last year for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Last year we stayed in Falmouth but this year we stayed in Provincetown, which was super fun and convenient! I vlogged & made a blog post last year too, haha.

Basically, we drove 9 hours up on Friday, spent all day Saturday exploring and then drove back on Sunday. It was jam packed full of exciting adventures: we ran a race (of course), got lost in the middle of miles of sand dunes (terrifying), went to church (also of course), saw the lobster pot tree lighting in P-Town (very famous), spent lots of time in the hotel's hot tub (also also of course), and took lots of walks on the beach. Wow, I'm sweating just typing it all!

Also, have you been doing the Joyful Glow Up Challenge?? If not - you should! It's a challenge I created where there's a quick & easy task you can do for everyday of December to help better yourself for 2020. Feel free to participate!

Be sure to check it out and enjoy!

Episode 68:

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