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#JoyfulGlowUpChallenge // Episode 67

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic day! So I came up with this idea all the way back at the end of October and now that it's almost December I can finally share it! I came up with the idea to do a 31 day 'challenge' of sorts where you do something to improve yourself everyday. I thought December would be a good month to do it because it's so close to the new year and it could be a good way to prepare ourselves for 2020. I'm calling it a 'challenge' and I'm putting it out on all my social medias to try and get as many people as possible to participate. In case you haven't heard the term 'glow up' before, it's basically another word for a makeover. Makeovers typically consist of a haircut, makeup, and fancy clothes, but I thought it would be cool to do a kind of internal glow up where you do something simple and quick everyday of a month to prepare you to be your best self in the new year! The activities should all be quick and fun. I thought December would be a good month to do it because it's so close to the new year and it could be a good way to prepare ourselves for 2020!

Also, I made a video that explains it as well, so here's the link to that...

Here's everyday's challenge...

Day 1 / Sunday / 12-1 ~ Do a random but simple act of kindness for someone who you don't know! Not only will you feel good, but they will too! :)

Day 2 / Monday / 12-2 ~ Drink. More. Water. It's as simple as that. I don't think most people (school students especially) actually drink as much water as we should, and it's literally as simple as setting the goal to drink a bottle of water ever so often. I try to drink one whole water bottle every 2 class periods (80 minutes) and unfortunately it typically doesn't happen, but today's my day to make it happen! Also, here's nice website article about the benefits of drinking a gallon of water per day.

Day 3 / Tuesday / 12-3 ~ Use. Less. Water. See a theme here? I watched this really cool episode of a show on Netflix that was all about saving water and how so many people in the world don't have as much water to live as they need. This made me think about how much water we waste just waiting for the shower to heat up or while we're brushing our teeth. Now, obviously we can't cut out all household water usage, but we definitely can wait to turn on the shower until we're about to get in or not keep the sink on while we're brushing our teeth. Try it!

Day 4 / Wednesday / 12-4 ~ Use less plastic. I know, I'm kinda going all 'save the planet' here but hey! We gotta save those turtles! (I regretted typing that too, just go with it) One of the easiest ways is to simply get reusable anything! Water bottles, straws, whatever! You can get a *stylish* reusable water bottle or straws at almost any Dollar Tree or other store for less than $10, I'm sure. Plus, on your next trip to Starbucks, just say that you have your own cup/bottle to seem suuuper cool and on-top-of-things. ;)

Day 5 / Thursday / 12-5 ~ Read a book! Not all today, no, but choose an interesting book you've been thinking of reading for while (we all have a list, right?) and commit to reading a little bit every day or weekend until you finish it!

Day 6 / Friday / 12-6 ~ Write down one thing you're thankful for. Yes, Thanksgiving has passed, but we can still we thankful! It's a great way to put things in perspective.

Day 7 / Saturday / 12-7 ~ Try some yoga! I specifically put this one on a Saturday so you could have more time to do it. This does sound kinda weird, but trust me - it's really calming! (This coming from the girl who dropped out of after school yoga to do Personal Fitness... hehe... moving on.) Here's the link to a great 10 minute yoga video that I like to do before races and after workouts. I highly recommend it! This doesn't mean to take 2 hours and set up a whole yoga studio in your basement, just put on some comfy clothes and YouTube search 'easy quick yoga' ... and have fun!

Day 8 / Sunday / 12-8 ~ Journal. Yes, this sounds cheesy, but it's literally scientifically proven (oooh look at me getting all scientific, lol) to improve your mental health by putting things into perspective and reducing stress! Who doesn't want that?! I don't mean putting a ton of pressure on yourself to write an essay about your day everyday, just today, anywhere (an actual diary or even a sticky note) write down the primary things that happened. If you like doing it this one time, keep going! Journal as much as you want! Also, here's a website that does a great way of explaining all the benefits of documenting your life.

Day 9 / Monday / 12-9 ~ Be on time! Now, if you know me or my family personally you're probably thinking along the lines of 'look who's talking' but this challenge is for all of us to grow, including me! It's pretty simple really: being on time makes you look better and gives you a better rep. and who doesn't want that? If you're one of those people who is always late, just make the goal of leaving from point A to go to Point B 5 minutes earlier than usual. See if that helps. Let's make this week a punctual one. ;)

Day 10 / Tuesday / 12-10 ~ Look on the bright side! When something bad happens today (let's face it - something happens everyday, big or small) find something good in it, however small. I think this Bible verse puts it nicely: "Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold." -Proverbs 11:27 :D

Day 11 / Wednesday / 12-11 ~ Be mindful of what you're eating! I'm not saying that you should go on a vegan diet or anything, just be mindful and try to cut out any unnecessary sugars or snacks that you don't actually want/need. I've been trying to cut out snacks that I eat if I'm not genuinely hungry, and it's a great way to just be mindful of what you eat.

Day 12 / Thursday / 12-12 ~ Educate yourself! This also sounds rather strange, but I just mean to do something that will bring you out of your bubble. Read a book or listen to a podcast! My two favorite (somewhat) educational podcasts are This American Life and Radiolab, and just click the colored words to choose a cool one to listen to. Feel free to listen to one of these or even an audiobook on YouTube on your commute to work or somewhere else!

Day 13 / Friday / 12-13 ~ STOP PROCRASTINATING. It's Friday, which means you have the whole weekend ahead of you to relax... or do work. Which would you rather do? I've taken to trying to complete as much of my schoolwork on Friday as possible, and it's so great to wake up on Sunday knowing that you don't have a ton of work that you've been procrastinating on to do. Still enjoy that TGIF feeling though, and don't feel crappy if you don't finish all your work on Friday.

Day 14 / Saturday / 12-14 ~ Fine tune your social media feed. Go through the people you follow and unfollow anyone who doesn't inspire you or who you don't enjoy seeing their posts show up on your 'following' page. Make sure that when you see your following page you feel inspired and uplifted!

Day 15 / Sunday / 12-15 ~ Go for a walk! This may sound pointless but it's so nice to get out in nature or at least out of your house. It doesn't have to be a 3 hour hike, just put on some sneakers and get out there for even 10 minutes!

Day 16 / Monday / 12-16 ~ Floss your teeth. Strange, I know, but necessary. Also, (and I know this from experience) the dentist likes you a LOT more when you say you flossed your teeth and you actually did. It also, and this is probably pretty obvious, helps a lot with your dental hygiene. (Why am I turning into a dentist all of the sudden?)

Day 17 / Tuesday / 12-17 ~ Recycle more! If you drink out of a plastic water bottle... recycle it! Use any extra paper? Recycle it! And if there isn't a recycling bin nearby then stuff it in your purse until you find one.

Day 18 / Wednesday / 12-18 ~ Compliment someone! You never know, it might be exactly what they need. :)

Day 19 / Thursday / 12-19 ~ Eat dark chocolate instead! When you're about to pull out that bag of milk chocolate chips, choose the healthy alternative! Healthy chocolate?! I know... ;) Just this once go for the not completely rot your teeth candy.

Day 20 / Friday / 12-20 ~ Listen to some of your favorite music! Maybe while you're on a commute or making a meal. It'll boost your spirits!

Day 21 / Saturday / 12-21 ~ Do some kind of exercise! It's actually really fulfilling and good for you! (wow, never heard that before) Google search 'quick workouts for *insert your age*' and see what comes up! You could even go for a walk or run, whatever gets you active!

Day 22 / Sunday / 12-22 ~ Spend some time in nature! It's scientifically proven to improve your mood and boost creativity. If it snows where you're living, spend some time walking in the snow and admiring the beauty of the nature that God's given us! Here are some benefits to spending time in nature.

Day 23 / Monday / 12-23 ~ Pack a lunch. If you're planning on eating out today or buying a meal, make a simple lunch or dinner at home and bring it with you. It'll be faster and save money!

Day 24 / Tuesday / 12-24 ~ IT'S CHRISTMAS FREAKIN' EVE! Sorry, I kinda have a thing for Christmas. Spend some time now to be grateful for everything that you have before you've been given any gifts. If you're feeling extra you can even write them down on a sticky note or something!

Day 25 / Wednesday / 12-25 ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This is probably a day when you don't want to feel like you have to do anything, especially an internet challenge - so thank you for reading this and hopefully participating! Today, just remember how long you've been getting excited for this day and try to enjoy every moment as much as possible. Thank God for the countless blessings He's given us!

Day 26 / Thursday / 12-26 ~ Save gifting supplies! Not to be THAT old grandma saying that you should save wrapping paper, but try to save any bows, extravagant ribbons or bags that you could use next year or for other holidays/gifts. Be careful though, most wrapping paper is not recyclable unfortunately, so be sure not to recycle that.

Day 27 / Friday / 12-27 ~ Do you have a lot of leftovers from Christmas dinner? Eat them! It's okay to not eat everything that was leftover but try to eat as much leftovers as you can to save money and not waste food.

Day 28 / Saturday / 12-28 ~ Save electricity! It's pretty basic but it's good for the environment and it'll save you money! If you're not in a room, the light doesn't need to be on. Simple as that.

Day 29 / Sunday / 12-29 ~ Write a letter to someone! Old fashioned, I know, but who doesn't enjoy getting snail mail? It' also much meaningful when you've taken the time to write a note to someone.

Day 30 / Monday / 12-30 ~ Write down some New Year's resolutions that you absolutely want to and are going to do. Make them physical things that you know you can accomplish.

Day 31 / Tuesday / 12-31 ~ Now let's make (and write down) some resolutions that are more open ended and emotional, like being more positive and having less negative self talk. Now you should have all of your resolutions! Don't feel uber pressured to complete all of them, but stick to them as best as you can.

Also, take a few minutes today to think about all of your accomplishments this year and what you're proud of! :D

Have a great New Year's! 2020 here we come!!!

Here are the websites I used for inspiration...

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