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Dandelion Painting Tutorial & LaVintage Quarantine Collab // Episode 85

This picture is from our trip to Cape Cod, MA in November...

Hello everyone, I hope your time off is relaxing and not too stressful! In light of everyone in the world seeming to be at home for these few weeks, I am doing another tutorial for you to try! All of these tutorials I'm doing are supposed to be easy, fun, and relaxing, so I hope you're enjoying them. This one is an oddly specific painting tutorial where you paint dandelions with paper towel or toilet paper tubes, and it's super fun!

Also, before I filmed this video, the owner of a consignment and furniture remodeling shop (she does a LOT of different cool stuff, even bridal rentals!) where I live called LaVintage Decor offered that we do a 'Quarantine Collaboration', so we did! She watched my 'things to do when you're quarantined' video and decided to bake, and she challenged me to paint a piece of furniture or jewelry box! Me, being a part of the family I am, didn't just have a piece of furniture sitting around so I painted a cute little box. I did the dandelion effect I showed in this tutorial and it turned out to be super cool!

She is always posting cool YouTube videos so here's a link to her channel and website. Also here's a link to the video with her side of our collab.

Check it all out and enjoy!


~ black paper (cardstock or construction paper)

~ white paint

~ either a toilet paper or paper towel tube

~ scissors

~ Q-tips

~ stuffing (like you stuffed animal or pillow stuffing) *optional*

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