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December '23 Photo Journal

December was such a fun month!! It was full of lots of relaxation but also lots of excitement, as I got to travel a good bit while spending a lot of nice time at home. In November after XC nationals I headed home to Pennsylvania, enjoyed Thanksgiving and settled in for some much needed time at home. At the beginning of December I had the pleasure of spending a week in Chicago, exploring a new city I'd always wanted to see. After a few more weeks at home, Abe and I headed up to New York City to spend some time with my high school bestie Anna and explore the city more. This was Abe's first time in NYC without our family so Anna and I tried to make sure he hit all the authentic New Yorker experiences while also seeing the most famous attractions. I have more photos from that trip in an upcoming post but the highlights included seeing the MoMA, riding the subway, and all the fun things that come with Manhattan. I spent New Year's at home with my family before heading back to Savannah, where I have now retreated to the warmer weather and sun. New Year's was so much fun, as my family invited our grandparents over and had a hilariously awesome New Year's Eve fashion challenge, trying to create our own version of Netflix's "Nailed It show. It turned out to be such a great memory that we all enjoyed. My mom always has the most fun ideas for how to spend holidays together and I'm so glad we all got to do that!!

December was a relaxing blast, and I'm so excited for what 2024 holds. January, bring it on!! Below are some sweet highlights from the month, check 'em out and enjoy. 💘

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