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DIY Custom Sneakers Tutorial // Episode 130

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! This week's video is a tutorial of how you can make your own custom sneakers out of any pair of white shoes or sneakers. I've always loved the look of customized Nike Air Force 1's, but I've never created my own since AF1's are typically very expensive and I didn't want to screw up on my first pair. Recently I found a nice pair of $22 white Puma sneakers at TJ Maxx, and I thought they would be perfect to customize.

I used a mixture of Sharpies, paint markers, and acrylic craft paint to decorate, but it turns out that I should've used leather paint, since the craft paint flaked off when I had finished. At the end you cover the shoes in acrylic leather finisher, to ensure nothing rubs or chips off.

On the toes I drew an ocean scene, to symbolize my family's time spent living in Massachusetts, and on the other shoe a mountain and forest scene, to symbolize our time spent living in Pennsylvania. On the heels I painted/drew track lanes for my love of running, and on the outside I drew cityscapes, since I really just like cities and how they look. On the inside I used my mom's idea of writing the coordinates of places around the world. I wrote places I've lived, vacationed, loved, and hope to travel to! It was a very cool and meaningful idea.

Overall I'm very happy with how they turned out, although I'm not sure how much I'll be able to wear them due to the flaking, but I hope the tutorial inspires you! You can really do this with any white pair of shoes.


~ white shoes or sneakers

~ nail polish (to rub on at the beginning)

~ leather paint

~ Sharpies/paint markers

~ acrylic leather finisher

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