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DIY Personalized Magnets Tutorial // Episode 123

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a nice day!! This week's video is a fun tutorial on how to make DIY personalized magnets, which is a great last minute holiday gift for any friends or family.

There are a few different ways you can make these. I had some old magnets from Shutterfly with pictures my dad took on them, but you don't have to have already-made magnets. I painted the photo side of the magnets with chalkboard paint and then used paint markers to write and draw on the dried chalkboard paint. Another way you can make these is by drawing or writing whatever you want on a piece of thick card-stock paper, and then attaching magnet strips to the back with glue dots or glue. You can even make it thicker by attaching that piece of paper to a thin piece of cardboard or wood.

If you're wondering what to decorate the front with, just think of what interests the person it is for has (or yourself if it's for you!). Are there any fun quotes from their favorite TV show, movie, or book that you could use? Here's my favorite website for finding fun fonts to write in. You could even write the lettering in their favorite colors. If you don't want to use a quote, you could draw some doodles or a holiday scene. Even another idea - you could draw their initials in an elaborate style. Pinterest never fails!!!

I hope that helps you create a fun, DIY holiday gift for yourself or others! Be sure to check out the tutorial and enjoy!!


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