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Easy 3D Lettering Tutorial // Episode 33

Hey everyone! Let's face it, 3D block letters are hard for pretty much everyone, right? I know that's true for me at least, so hopefully my latest video will help you and me out. I did a tutorial on some easy tips to help with 3D lettering, both the letters and the 3D shadows. Be sure to check it out and I hope it helps! Also, feel free to comment any ideas for tutorials or other videos you'd like me to do.

You know, it's always a bit weird how I come up with my flat lay (that's this kind of picture) pictures. Now that I think about it, the process really is strange, I mean I pretty much just lay a bunch of objects out on a flat surface and take a picture. Normally I have one main item I'm focusing everything around, and here it was the paint tray. Before I've used shoes, makeup, chalk, and most other household items you could think of. Do you like the style?

Also, whenever I'm uploading a video and getting ready to post everything I almost always am listening to music on YouTube, and almost every time I find some new song that I love so here's today's new favorite.

Who Do You Love - The Chainsmokers (I love this music video!)

*FYI it does have some minor swears so here's a clean version also...

Check out both that and the tutorial and enjoy!

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