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Easy Back To School Outfit Ideas // Episode 55

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic day! I feel like most people who are students (idk how to phrase that right?) have already gone back to school... but not me! I actually don't go back to school until the 9th so I am living up these past two weeks at home without my brothers! To celebrate my starting a new school that doesn't require a uniform (yay!) I just made a back to school outfit video, which actually helped me to think up some outfit ideas that I would actually wear to school. If you don't go to school, these could probably work for work outfits too. (as long as you don't mention to anyone that you got the outfit inspo from a 13 year old's blog... although, that is totally up to you! I do love good E.N.D. promo!) These outfits can obviously be adjusted to fit dress codes and such but I think overall they are nice starters. I've gotta say, the first one is probably my personal favorite. ;) Be sure to check the video out and enjoy!

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