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Rock Fest!!! (I'm in a rock band?)

Hi everyone!! Happy Wednesday!! Last weekend was CRAZY... on Friday my school had its annual Rock Fest, where the rock band performs what they've been working on this year... and this year I'm in the rock band!

Last year I remember seeing the rock band and thinking that they were SO cool, and planning on joining next year. I joined in the fall and it's been a totally new experience! I sing quite a bit in two different choirs and at church, which are both very prim-and-proper singing styles, so I'd never even tried singing in a rock-type style. This was so out of my comfort zone in so many ways. The singing style, the audience vibe, and especially the performance aspect. Overall, being in rock band and singing at Rock Fest challenged me in the best way and I'm so glad I did it!

Rock Fest itself was a blast and the photos below truly do show the electric atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who came and especially thanks to Estella for being such a fabulous duet partner!!

Trying new things can be so uncomfortable but so valuable and fun. Here's your sign to go for it. ;)

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