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February 2024 Photo Journal

Hi everyone!! Happy March! I know it's exactly what everyone says at the beginning of every early spring month, but I truly can't believe it's March already. February flew by in a pleasant storm of classes, running, and art. All the good stuff. In a strange series of events, I started February in Georgia and finished it in South Dakota, with quick pit stops throughout the month in Columbia, South Carolina and Gainesville, Florida. Running indoor track gave me these fun travel opportunities this past month and the new places I traveled were so interesting.

One of the biggest take aways from February was that I truly underestimated winter in the South in terms of beauty. Somehow in the middle of one of the coldest months of the year, flowers are blooming and green is all around through Savannah. Of course, I knew that moving to Georgia meant that there would be some weather changes but I still am awed by the warmth and beauty!

February had many fun and joyful moments, as well as hard ones. Being away from home, while it's totally what I want for my life with SCAD, is hard and one more month further from being with my family is hard. I'm thankful for the second family we've created here at college, but it's always tough to weather the storms of life without direct family around. That toughness was made easier by many more laughs with my friends and roommates, as well as a super sweet Valentine's Day! It was so fun to see a city as cute and romantic as Savannah decked out for a day celebrating love, and to participate in it.

I rounded out the month in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where one of my teammates, my coaches and I all flew to compete in NAIA Indoor Nationals, where I ran the 5000 meters! It was a super cool, if tough, experience so more on that to come later. This month was very cool and very special to me for so many reasons! Be sure to check out the photo highlights below and have a marvelous March. 💘🤗💕

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