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First Week of 11th Grade Outfit Lookbook!! // Episode 162

📍Brooklyn, NY (These photos are a throwback from way back in June!)

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a great weekend. After a break from posting due to some exciting things happening with school, cross country, and just life - I'm back to share a new video and blog post with you guys! Each day for the first week of school back in September I filmed my outfit, and put it together to create a first week of school outfit lookbook, which turned out to be really cool.

That week I had a good variety of athletic/casual fits and more dressy fits, but I tried to make them all stylish and I think it turned out to show the range of my style - from basketball shorts to overalls, haha. My favorite fit from the whole week has to be the first day of school look of jean shorts, a patterned tank top and (best of all) a tan blazer, because I think it showcased some classy but not over-the-top attire. My second favorite is definitely the Friday fit of overalls and neon sandals! You know I can't resist some good overalls on a summer school day. ;)

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy!! 💕💫

My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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