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God's Eyes Tutorial

Hey everyone! I recently posted a new tutorial on YouTube entitled God's Eyes Tutorial. (I know, the name's pretty weird but I'll explain later.) I've decided that for every tutorial I post, I'll make a blog post that has the link to the video and all of the supplies. One thing that always annoys me when I'm watching tutorials is when they just list all of the supplies before you can get them all, so here I'll put all of the supplies and specifications. This is a super fun and simple (after you understand the yarn part ;) craft that I learned how to do from a book called The Daring Book for Girls (my brothers got the Dangerous Book for Boys) by Miriam Peskowitz ,which has lots of cool crafts and games.

I know the name God's Eyes sounds pretty strange, so let me tell you the history of it. God's Eyes were originally made my the Huichol Indians in Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental Range. They called the God's Eyes "sikuli", which means "the power to see and understand things unknown". They can also be called "ojo de dios", meaning "eye of god". If you want to know more, just look up God's Eyes craft history for lots more info.


~ Popsicle Sticks

~ Hot Glue Gun

~ 1 ball of yarn (any color, or multiple colors)

~ Scissors


My Channel- (EdithNoble)

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