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Golf Cart w/ Us in South Carolina! // Episode 104

Hi everyone! I hope you're having an amazing weekend! Even though my family is back home now, I just posted a throwback vlog of us golf carting around our neighborhood in South Carolina on vacation!

I speak for the whole family when I say - if traveling to South Carolina or any warm and beachy place, you MUST get a house with a golf cart. 11/10 recommend. Not necessarily a golf course, just the cart. It was a blast being able to relax and drive around almost every day, and it was especially useful for running. There are few things in life better than stopping on a hot & humid run to take a few ice cold sips of water from a golf cart driven by one of your family members.

This video is a fun 'lil vlog of our last golf cart ride around the amazing island we were staying on. We were basically staying in a golf community on a small island connected to a bunch of other small islands, and it was BOMB.... and so is the new video so be sure to check that out and enjoy!! (smooth plug, I know 😉)


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