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Hello Summer

Hey y'all! How's your (maybe soon-to-be) summer going? My school literally let out on Friday and I've been at peace of mind for the first time since September ever since. Somehow, I feel too relaxed, like I should be worrying about a test or project. Anyone else with me?

There's really no need to describe this post to you, it should be pretty obvious. Hello Summer... literally. However, there is something else I need to notify you about.

Many of you already know that I do have a YouTube account, and I post stuff regularly. I just posted a tutorial for this watercolor typography sign, entitled (you guessed it) Watercolor Typography Tutorial. You should definitely go check it out!

I've decided several things about who I aspire to be through my website, videos, and everything I do. My goal, however tiny, is to inspire at least one person to be themselves and to be creative. We live in a world where lots of people are scared to show who they truly are, and I would like to show at least one person that they should be themselves. And if I've inspired you, then mission accomplished. BTW: my motto is Be Inspired. Create. You'll probably see that at the bottom of my emails too. Be expecting lots more content coming up... I now have 6 1/2 more hours each day to do stuff! Have I inspired you? ;)

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