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How To Make Your Mask Fashionable! *your newest accessory* // Episode 106

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! I think by now we've all become pretty accustomed to wearing a mask when in public, and are most likely going to be required to wear one at least some of the time this fall, whether at school or work or just in public. I've also noticed myself becoming more comfortable wearing a mask and seeing others in masks, but it still doesn't look normal... or fashionable. This week's video and blog post are all about different ways you can style outfits so that your mask is stylish, fashionable, and the new greatest accessory!

1) Wear a subtly colored mask!

We all started the lockdown wearing the basic medical grade disposable mask, and as lovely as that baby blue color is (lol), it's not exactly fashionable. Wearing a solid colored mask can be much less eye-catching, especially the white, cream, and black ones. These can blend right into a simple outfit and not be very noticeable if you're going for the subtle mask look.

2) Use a mask to tie your outfit together!

Good news - masks can now be the statement piece for your outfit! If you have a boring outfit or an outfit that's just not working together - a mask can now be the accessory to tie it all together! If you're looking for the pop of color your outfit needs to make it stand out or work together, a brightly colored mask, patterned mask, or plain mask can be just the thing.

3) Add colorful earrings with a solid mask!

Stylish or colorful earrings are always a good statement piece for an outfit, and with a solid colored mask earrings become even better! Just a tip - either don't wear or be careful wearing hoops, especially large ones, they could get pretty tricky with taking a mask on and off. :)

4) Wear a mask that complements your eye color!

I feel like through wearing masks the past few months I have been noticing people's eyes more, and they are gorgeous! Wearing a mask is really bringing attention and focus to your eyes - so compliment them even more by wearing colors that bring out the color even more. Here's an article about what colors look best for your eye color!

5) Have some fun with eye makeup!

Again, people's eyes are being drawn to your eyes so much more now, so why not make them look even better! Have some fun experimenting with colors and different looks - what do you have to lose? Something fun to try is to coordinate your eye shadow color with your mask. Here's an article with some other tips to make your eyes look even more gorgeous while wearing a mask. I should definitely try this out because goodness knows I haven't worn any makeup except mascara and lip gloss in literal months, hahaha.

Also, now can be the time to keep your eyebrows in shape! (called myself out there, lol 🙈)

6) Alternate patterns between your mask & outfit!

A fun idea is to wear a solid color or plain black dress with a creatively colored mask for a fun pop, or vice versa! Make sure that the statement piece of your outfit is the 👏 statement👏 piece👏, and that you're not distracted by any other patterns in the outfit.

Overall, just have fun with wearing a mask! Make it not feel like a boring and uncomfortable piece of cloth you have to wear on your face, and more like a fun outfit accessory that is now at your style command! Also, be sure to check out my newest video for more explanations and examples of me with these tips!

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