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Before starting this post, I would just like to inform you that everything I'm about to say was done for marketing purposes only. Trust me.

I know I made a post a little while ago saying about how I would never ever get Instagram and how this blog is my own Instagram, etc. However, at that time I had only thought about Instagram at a school drama standard, I knew how much drama I saved myself from by not having an account and I was fine with that, and still am! Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, let's back track...

(deep breath) Okay, so this morning I downloaded Instagram and created an account named Edith Noble. I've only created this account to advertise the website you're reading from right now. My goal in having Instagram is to get more emailing subscribers and get more website traffic. I promise to every single one of you loyal followers that Instagram will not overrun my blog and it will not keep me from writing my blog, in fact quite the opposite really.

One of my main concerns of getting IG (I know, it sounds so trendy right?) was that I wouldn't have any good material to post on here because it would all be in IG, so I thought pretty hard. My conclusion is that after every blog post I'll download one of it's pictures onto my iPod and post it on Instagram. The IG post will have the new blog post's title and a quick "preview" of the post to tell you what it's about with a picture attached. See? Marketing only. ;)

Hopefully having Instagram will give me even more inspiration for cool blog posts and tutorials to show you guys!

Oh yeah, I have a few announcements to make!

1) If you're a YouTube subscriber of mine don't be alarmed if you're not getting any new videos for about the next week. Previously I was making all of my YT videos on my iPod and editing them on iMovie, which worked great until I ran out of storage. :( I just ordered a new camera specially for YouTube and I'll be editing on a computer soon! I'm so excited! ;)

2) I'm really sorry everyone but you'll be missing me next week! I'll only be doing one post next week on Sunday because I'll be busy working on a BIG SURPRISE for all of you guys! I'm super excited and you should be too! Again, it'll come out next Sunday. There will be one more post this week.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Instagram! Bye! :)

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