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Introducing Mango & Me

Hey everyone! I am super excited to announce the opening of a new YouTube series I'm creating called Mango & Me! I figured that since I'm going into 8th grade and I'm participating in a few other activities, I would probably have a tough time making a tutorial or vlog every week. So I've decided to make a show on what I'll wear with my school uniform every day each week. I'll post jewelry and shoes, and I'll also have an Item of the Week, where I'll saying how much it cost and where I got it.

Above is the the knit llama I bought at the Bellefonte Arts Fest that I named Mango, and I'll be dressing her up every week with something similar to what I'm wearing. (Hence, Mango & Me)

Be sure to check out my new YouTube video named Introducing Mango & Me where I explain everything else that it will involve. Check it out!

The Video:

My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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