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June '24 Photo Journal

Hellooo July!! June was a lovely mix of busy and relaxed. I started off the month by moving out of my dorm and getting straight on a plane to spend a week in Chicago with Roan, which was lovely as ever. It was so beautiful to see Oak Park and Chicago in the summer time after being introduced to that area in winter. The city was bustling and it was relaxing to unwind after a crazy spring quarter with some quality time, tennis, running and exploring.

After that I headed back home to Pennsylvania and it was so nice to see my family again! Four weeks into the summer at home I can gladly say I missed them and am loving spending time with them. It was back to lifeguarding work for me and the summer training block for cross country is in full swing. I have been loving working on creative projects that aren't for classes or assignments as well, and can't wait to share those as I work on them.

This summer at home is teaching me to find joy and fulfillment in stillness. I've always had a fixation on productivity and measuring the value of my days by how much I accomplish, especially during a busy freshman year, and coming back to the same job and lovely town as usual has showed me that I can find joy in simply existing with myself. There is such joy to be found in the little blessings! I'm continually reminding myself that my value is not found in checking boxes on a to-do list, but rather loving those around me and doing my work well.

June was slow and sweet, and I can't wait to see what fun July will bring. Enjoy this smattering of June in bloom!!

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