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Kennywood Class Trip 2019 // Episode 40

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! On Tuesday my 8th grade class and I went to Kennywood amusement park for our big class trip, and you know me, I had to make a video and blog post about it. ;)

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical about going to an amusement park with my peers, but it ended up being sooooo much fun! As you can see below, the group that I was with had some fun with Cowboy Joe.

An interesting thing that you can note about the video is that at the beginning I had the voice of a sick person, but by the end I had the voice of a, "30 year old man". I started out Monday having a normal cold and then Monday night we had our school concert, and then Tuesday I obviously screamed for basically 6 hours straight. When I called my dad to pick me up he wasn't sure if it was me or one of my friends speaking. (funny, he still came??)

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy! Also, next week's video will be about everything that went down on the bus rides there and back. It was 2 hours each way sooooo that made for some interesting footage.

Enjoy! :)

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