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Making Virtual School Fun... (day in the life & life update!) // Episode 168

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!! It's been a hot minute since I posted a YouTube vlog, but I'm back atcha with a new one that I'm so excited about. Two weeks ago my school unfortunately went virtual for a little over a week, and I while I was sitting at home I got inspired to film and edit a super cool vlog, but I didn't think there was anything interesting enough in my life to film at the time... so I just decided to see how interesting I could make my life for a day! For the Friday that I vlogged I turned out doing quite a lot of fun stuff that I'm so glad I could document. Even though I had virtual classes, I actually left the house multiple times (shocker for me, LOL) and had a very enjoyable Friday. I love filming day-in-the-life vlogs like these every once in a while to document how life was at the time, and then reflect on it later, plus just to save some happy memories. At the end of the video I also include some life updates, such as how indoor track is going and a surprise that my brother Abe and I did together in December! (hint.... needles & ears....)

Be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!! Settle in, it's a long one..... ;)

Episode 168: My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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