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Mango & Me II Episode 1

Hey everyone! Today I am super excited to announce the first ever episode of Mango & Me now out on YouTube! I have a feeling it's going to be a really fun journey with all of my readers and watchers! Let me explain the guidelines again...

Every week I'll post a YouTube video with what I'll wear every day of that week with my uniform, meaning jewelry, shoes, earrings, etc.

If I have extra time or a long weekend or something I'll hopefully make a tutorial or something too.

In Episode 1 I also mentioned that if you sign up for my mailing list and you haven't already you'll get a shout out in the next video! Just sign up with your email and comment either here or on my video. So if you're reading this... sign up!!

I won't write a whole lot here because all of the good stuff is in the video, check it out and subscribe!

Episode 1:

My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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