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My Mom Picks Out My Outfits for a Week! // Episode 58

(these pictures were taken on my family's failed day-trip to Florida... we didn't spend very long there... *cringes at memory*)

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a fantabulous weekend! This week's video is preeetty fun one... my mom picks out my outfits for a whole school week! Now, I've seen a video like this where the girl's mom picks out some really not stylish outfits, but my mom is actually really stylish when she dresses herself so I wasn't very worried. ($20 bill slides under the table) Just kidding! My mom is actually super stylish, and now that I'm not wearing a uniform to school she has actually really inspired some of my outfits I've worn so far this year.

Honestly, I think my favorite outfit is either Tuesday's or Friday's, if you watch it let me know what yours is!

Ok... so yes I may have made this video so that I didn't have to pick out my outfits for a week. Hey, it worked!

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy!! :)

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