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Newspaper Self Portraits

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a great week so far! I am SUPER excited to share a (not very new) set of self portraits with you. I believe these were taken back in March... maybe February?? Right before I took these I was feeling a little bit frustrated with my photography, because I wasn't really confident in myself as a model for my own photos, and I didn't have any opportunities to take pictures of others soon. My lovely mom suggested that I take pictures of myself and practice at self portraits enough until they look as awesome as I hope others' photos that I take to be. Later that weekend I decided to try out being my own photography model, and it was actually really fun! The dramatic hoops and low ponytail reminded me of Ariana Grande's "Sweetener" album cover, so I thought that was a cool inspiration. Self portraiture is such an interesting art style, so I look forward to learning more about it.

Be sure to check out all of the photos and enjoy!! 📸❤️

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