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November '23 Photo Journal & Episode 191

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Happy December!! November was one of the craziest months of my life, but since I moved to college I feel like I'm saying that every month, lol! November spanned five states and two coasts, which is an all time high for my life I believe. So many cool things happened and I feel like a stronger person coming out of this month. I finished finals at school, qualified for nationals at conference, competed at nationals, went home for the first time in three months, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.

Quarter 1 of my freshman year of college is complete!! This feels so crazy to say because it felt like the longest three months of my life. While it was crazy stressful, it felt equally as thrilling and fulfilling. Moving away from home challenged me deeper than anything else has, but I don't regret it and I feel that it's helping me to become the person I aspire to be. SCAD has been life changing and I'm so excited to keep learning and living in Savannah! I've met some of the coolest people ever and being on the cross country team has given me some incredible experiences with travel and competition. I can feel that I'll continue to grow into Savannah. There's something interestingly empowering about choosing a city for yourself, and moving there alone has given me confidence in myself and new dreams for my future.

Coming home after twelve long weeks away was so so sweet! I was so excited to see my family and they greeted me so wonderfully with cake and hugs. What more could I want?! I started the six week break with Thanksgiving and have gotten right into relaxation, work, and some fun travel. More on that to come. ;)

November - you were insane!!!! Thanks for teaching me so much. Enjoy the photo journal below!

Also, here's the link to the Quarter 1 video journal recap of the past few months! It holds a lot of special memories and I'm so glad I could save and share it all.

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