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Philly Wedding turned Museum Vlog II Episode 6

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend has been going well! Yesterday, Saturday, my family went to my mom's friend's wedding in the outskirts of Philidelphia, and I decided to vlog it. It was a super fun day, and during the hour and a half in between the wedding and reception my family and some other bored friends went to a nearby museum/castle to kill some time. I've gotta say, it was one of the most impressive houses (can it even be called that?) I've ever seen. I mean, how can it not be if THIS is the living room...???

It's called the Glencairn Museum and it has a really cool history of a family that once lived there who used it as a house and an art gallery for all of their famous artwork. I was told that they had 9 kids and so this house had 90 rooms, over 20 of which were bedrooms! Talk about cleaning!

They did display some artwork in the first floor where we went and I found this which I found pretty inspiring...

We definitely got some great pictures from the outside and inside. There's lots more detail in the vlog, so I'd suggest that you go check that out and enjoy!

Episode 6:

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