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Prom 2022 Vlog!! // Episode 171

Hi everyone!! Happy Prom season!!! It seems like every weekend for the past few weeks has contained 1-2 proms at local schools in my area, and finally it's our turn! Last night I had Grier's prom, which was so so so much fun and such a blessing. I got to spend the special evening with both my Grier gal besties, and two besties from outside of school - Carl and Dom. Dom was my date and Carl was one of my friend's Coco's date, and it was just a blast. We took pictures at Grier's beautiful campus, had a fun drive to the venue, and ate and danced the night away.

Here are the details of the look:

  • My dress is from David's Bridal, and I just so happened to get it on sale all the way back in October! I was actually buying homecoming heels at the time, but the dress was just too good to pass up, so I saved it all this time.

  • My headband was definitely the statement piece! I got it from TJ Maxx almost a year ago and automatically knew that I would save it for the next year's prom. It felt so "me" and did make me feel like a princess a little bit, haha. We love elegance.

  • Shoutout to my mom for my hair and makeup! We debated long and hard about what to do with my hair, but I trusted her to straighten it (which is impressive because typically it never stays straight for more than 30 minutes, lol) and she did an absolutely amazing job.

  • My mom also did my skin makeup, and I did my eye makeup! I'm not a huge makeup gal, if you can't tell, lol, but I felt beautiful and very comfortable.

  • Earrings courtesy of Amazon, lol.

  • Spectacular sunburn and tan lines courtesy of lifeguarding at the school's outdoor pool for a week, double lol.

I decided to vlog getting ready, pictures, and the dance not only because I enjoy documenting my life and making memories, but also because I've vlogged two other school dances (8th and 9th grade) and those videos became so meaningful to my friends. I love being able to capture my life like this, and nights like last night are definitely some highlights. I love my beautiful friends and family!!

There are so so many more photos, but here are the highlights of the evening, as well as the vlog! Check it all out and enjoy!!

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