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PSA Photo Shoot

(You can obviously see that it's Friday by the look on our faces...)

Hey everyone! How's your week been going? This past weekend my friend Grace and I had a fun sleepover and we decided to do a photo shoot together. Sounds fun right? (This is normally the part where I say that something terrible happened and our photo shoot was destroyed...) Well it was fun.

(There, I think to myself, I just wrote an intro paragraph without putting something negative in it. And all the scientists said it couldn't be done. Ha.)

As previously said, the photo shoot was wonderful, and I guess Grace can speak for herself, but I at least had a great time. We went around the Penn State Altoona campus and had my dad take some (well, over 100 really) pictures for us. We didn't totally enslave him though, because he did get to take some nice turtle and duck pictures for himself too.

We found some great places to pose and things to sit/lean/jump on, like this nittany lion...

During this sleepover I had a new experience- night swimming. And for those of you reading this who have never gone night swimming before, let me explain what this is.

Okay, so thank you so much Grace for owning a pool, first off. Secondly, night swimming is when you go for a swim in a pool with lights around it or in it whenever it's dark out. I definitely had some reservations at first. I mean, you're in a pool, in the dark (which the dark alone brings up some reservations for me) and you're swimming in the deep end as fireflies and owls hoot in the distance. Oh yeah, did I mention Grace has seen bears in the woods behind her pool??

Ironically, night swimming was actually tons of fun and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. (The two cans of Pringles we shared were also greatly enjoyed!) I only have one tip if any of you readers ever decide to go night swimming... don't think too deeply when jumping in. Got it?

Before finishing, I want to give a huge shout out to Grace and her family for letting me come over and consume their Pringles and pizza! Not only did Grace and I have a great photo shoot, but she also made me conquer my reservations of deep and dark water! Cheers to that!

Oh, I forgot, this happened too...

Here are some more of the pictures from the photo shoot, enjoy!

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