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Rainy Parents' Surprise Party

Hey guys! Before even telling you about our adventures form yesterday, I'd like to take a moment and think about how whenever you really, really need the weather to be nice, it pours down rain, and whenever you plan to stay inside all day, it's sunny with cartoon butterflies flying by your windows. Either I was cursed with the Manfred Luck since the day I was born, or Mother Nature's got some grudges.

Anyway, yesterday was my parents' 14th wedding anniversary. (whoo hoo!) So, I decided that I would plan a little surprise party for them outside. We have a little chair and table set that I put by our garden and a cart on wheels that would hold gifts, lemonade, and ice cream. Sounds like a great party right? Well it would have been... until I woke up to see that it was pouring down rain.

Just my luck, huh?

Well we persevered as much as possible, which meant that a muddy drink table may or may not have been dropped and rolled down the hill in our backyard. ;) Overall, after lots of blood, sweat, and tears (jk, more like rain, pink lemonade and melted ice cream) we did end up having a fun little party. Everyone needed raincoats and rain boots, but you can't have everything in life can you? (It would be nice if you could though...)

My point of this whole post is that I made a YouTube video about it and it actually turned out that it was pretty funny to make and watch. I made it with my new camera (!!!) but be warned, I haven't totally mastered the editing software so the video editing quality isn't the greatest.

Bottom line is, nature backfires and I love my parents. ;D

The video:

My Channel: (EdithNoble)

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