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Sunday Sunrise Beach Walk (Year 5!) // Episode 189

Hi everyone!! If you’ve been following along on my blog or YouTube channel for a few years now, you might recognize that every year while on vacation, my family allots Sunday mornings as our time to take a walk on the beach at sunrise. It’s probably my favorite tradition of ours, and one that’s always been special in my heart. I film and document one of those Sunday morning every summer, and this year is no exception! The morning I filmed was beautiful as ever and so relaxing.

A fun fact: this year has had the highest number of sea turtle nest discoveries at Hunting Island ever! We always see the nests and mother’s tracks on our walks and it’s so cool to know what went down between the ocean and the sand dunes the night before.

A sunrise walk at Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort, South Carolina, now on the blog and YouTube, enjoy!!

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