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Subject Feet Photos

Just as an FYI, this picture is from a photography class from earlier this week, you can find more pics in the gallery below.

My mom actually heard about this photography class from a friend of ours who is a librarian and who actually taught the class, so my brother Abe and I (it was only for ages 10-14, sorry Reu) immediately signed up!

The fact that I signed up probably isn't a surprise to anybody reading because, well, duh, I write and take pictures for a fashion blog. It's kind of a given.

So there were 3 sessions of this class and Abe and I had an awesome time! We learned a lot about not only photography and taking pictures, but taking good pictures (always a struggle) and not having to take 100 pictures hoping to get at least one good one. This picture above was cropped from the pics below. Abe inspired all of us (well... there were 4 people total in the class but still) to make each others' feet the subjects of lots of photos.

That gave me the idea to have the shadows of people doing things with their hands be a photo subject. What do you think? ;)

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